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While our farm is a diverse ecosystem, our main product is our pastured chicken. During their life on the farm, our chickens bask in an abundance of fresh air, sunshine, and green grass. They enjoy eating certified organic feed from Coyote Creek Organic Feed Mill in Elgin, Texas, along with any wandering bugs. Strains of classical and sacred music waft through the brooder the first two weeks of their life. Once they can handle the elements, we transfer them out to pasture. Each morning they eagerly await their move to fresh dewy pasture. We treat our birds with respect and gentle care to minimize stress and ensure they are happy and healthy!
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Our fresh vegetables are all raised without synthetic pesticides and herbicides. We grow our produce in the open air, so our vegetables follow the Louisiana seasons. Contact us to find out what we have available now!
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Our fresh culinary herbs are grown without synthetic chemicals so their potent flavors can be enjoyed without ingesting unnecessary toxins.
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Contrary to popular thought, flowers are not just ornaments. They serve a crucial role in the earth's ecosystem. We raise cut flowers alongside our vegetables to encourage pollination and support a healthy bee population.