At Goppelt Farms we respect nature's design. Responsible stewardship through utilizing management principles in harmony with God's natural laws is at our core. We believe in facilitating the movement of animals, diversification of plant and animal species, exclusion of pharmaceuticals or genetically modified feed, transparency with our customers, and fostering independence through local food availability. When holistic principles are followed, we can contribute to richer soil, happier animals, and healthier people.

We started out with pasture-raised broilers and egg layers, but currently offer only pastured eggs. Deborah is continuing to farm part time and keep the pastured eggs available to our community. Her interest in farming goes back to childhood roots growing up on their small family farm. If you call the farm or visit their booth at the Red Stick Farmers Market, chances are Deborah will be the one serving you. Come see us at the farm or market and ask your questions face to face. Set up a private tour and see the chickens on pasture that laid your eggs. Know your farmer. Know your food. Our decisions today determine our tomorrow.